About Us - Maple Street Health Hub
Welcome to Maple St Acupuncture in the Noosa Hinterland town of Cooroy! Maple Street Acupuncture are passionate about empowering our clients to take control of their own health and to inspire true healing and transformation. Maple Street Acupuncture specializes in acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathy, natural fertility solutions, massage, bowen therapy qi nei zang and reiki healing and are based in Cooroy, Noosa.
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About Us


Doctor of Chinese Medicine (BHSc-Acu)
Clinic Founder & Director
Special interest in Hormone Balancing & Natural Fertility Solutions

Amy is an experienced and compassionate Doctor of Chinese Medicine with a special interest in balancing hormones, enhancing natural fertility both for couples and singles, IVF support and supporting pregnancy and birthing preparation.


Over the past 13+ years that Amy has been a practicing Acupuncturist, she has continued to develop her skills and knowledge, especially in the fertility field, becoming a valued contributor in the global field of fertility with mentors such a Randine Lewis, Kirsten Wolfe and Janine Ma-Ree . Her position in the field of fertility has brought Amy to the become both guest speaker and facilitator for International Symposiums on Womens Health & Fertility. With over a decade of understanding accumulating in Chinese Medicine Amy has become the solutions to your situations. Having recognised that a lot of fertility specialists focus on the woman’s health and get good results, she felt like the parameters could be improved and so began to expand her treatments to include the partner and saw her success rates increase dramatically. By expanding this knowledge to support the couple (or single with donor) who are trying to conceive and combining practises to enhance the relationship with self and each other, she gets results that:


  • Improve the health of the individual, woman or man
  • Improve the relationship between two people increasing the likelihood of staying together to raise the children that they desire
  • Supporting healthier, more conscious parents.
  • Supporting healthier children / human beings



Amy has a reputation with local Medical Practitioners as “The Baby Maker”. She does this by helping her patients to reconnect with their own body, helping them to learn and understand it. She encourages her patients to become active participants in their own healing and in returning themselves to an optimal level of health through education as well as body and spirit awareness.


Amy helps women gain balance in their menstrual cycles, hormones, emotions and lifestyle to bring about profound healing and to enable her patients to achieve their health goals. She works alongside couples on their journey towards becoming parents by helping women achieve pregnancy, carry to full-term and birth healthy babies. Amy also offers ART and IVF support. As a mother of two and having had her own difficult journey towards motherhood, she brings compassion and understanding to her consultations.



Amy is available for private Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture 1:1 sessions as well as by phone. She is also currently creating some online Fertility Foundation Programs to broaden the scope of her practise, offering her knowledge and expertise to a wider community.


As the founder of Maple Street Acupuncture and Natural Medicine, Amy strives to bring an optimal level of healthcare to the community of the Noosa Hinterland and surrounds.



Amy is a Registered Acupuncturist with AHPRA and a full member of AACMA. Health fund rebates are available.


Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Massage
Shiatsu & Sports Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
Craniosacral Technique


David holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Acupuncture, a Bachelor degree in Biomedical Science and Certification in Traditional Chinese Remedial Massage.

David is an Acupuncture practitioner who incorporates Craniosacral Osteopathic techniques to realign the whole musculoskeletal system and correct spinal vertebrae displacement. He is also trained in Chinese Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu and Sports Massage.


His belief in the relationship of a body’s well balanced structure to reaching its optimal functional potential is apparent in the treatment. By easing muscular tension, mobilising joints and correcting vertebrae to free blood supply & nerve impulses, the vital organs are best able to respond to the Acupuncture stimulation, bringing the whole system back to health.


David is a registered acupuncturist with AHPRA. Health fund rebates are available.


Remedial Massage
Myofascial Release
Sports Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Pregnancy Massage

Deep Relaxation Massage & Reiki Points


Donna is passionate about allowing her clients the time and space they need to integrate and return to a grounded state. Whether that be through a stronger more injury focussed massage treatment or a slower myofascial/relaxation session.

Donna has always lead an active life full of competitive sports through her younger years.

In her early twenties, after feeling the call to slow down,  she began a more mindful life filled with yoga, listening to her body and holistic eating. This allowed her health to fully thrive whilst continuing to work and run her own massage business. During this time Donna also broadened her knowledge with study in health coaching, reiki, meditation and embodied movement which fuelled her passion for guiding people to experience connection and dialogue with their body.

In her spare time Donna will never be far from the ocean enjoying surfing, reading, dancing, writing and nature walks with her husband and Australian Kelpie Billie.

Donna grew up in WA. After craving change and new experiences she and her husband jumped in a caravan to travel around Australia with no end destination. In October 2019 they fell in love with Noosa and they settled.


Health Fund Rebates are available.



ZenThai Shiatsu
Remedial Massage
Swedish Massage
Belly Organ Massage


Jaime began her bodywork journey in 1998 with a Diploma Remedial Massage. She loves the sense of movement and full bodied connection found through both Aquatic Bodywork and ZenThai Shiatsu.


Her background in breath work/rebirthing, group relating, and conscious dance practices provide a depth of presence to the touch she offers. Added to her own journey with structural alignment, the results are an empathetic and embodied somatic understanding available to her clients. As a mother, her direct experience of three pregnancies, with natural births, infuses her pre- and post-natal care offering.


Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Special interest in Womens Health, Fertility and Pregnancy


Dr. Rahni Koturaj holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Acupuncture and is an AHPRA-registered practitioner with extensive clinical experience. She is a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) and has practiced at numerous clinics around Australia. She utilises a number of methods in her treatments including acupuncture, Chinese medicine dietetic advice and herbal medicine, auricular acupuncture, Ba Guan (cupping), Gua Sha (scraping), Tui Na (Chinese massage), and moxibustion.


Study in Taoism and Yin/Yang philosophy allows her to tailor treatments to the time of day, season, life stages, and hormonal cycles of patients. Current research also shapes her treatments and she strives to integrate an evidence-based approach. A penchant for problem-solving and a passion for improving people’s quality of life led Rahni to pursue a career in Chinese medicine. She finds it particularly rewarding to work with individuals to help them achieve their health goals and strives for the best outcomes for her patients.


Remedial Massage
Ka Huna Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Sports Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Relaxation Massage


Ruby is a qualified remedial massage therapist who has done extensive study into sports therapy and injury management. She infuses her practice with the deeply healing and restorative Hawaiian Ka Huna massage.

Whether you are after a deep tissue remedial massage or a deeply healing kahuna treatment, she’s got you covered.

Ruby has been devoted to learning and studying birth and women’s reproductive health, as she is a practicing doula and herbalist – with a major focus on reproductive health and birth rights.

She is committed to her self development and growth as a therapist and is striving to become as holistic as she can.