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Stay ahead of mutant virus season naturally!


Stay ahead of mutant virus season naturally!

Immune system health – why some people succumb to outbreaks of influenza and other viral nasties, while others don’t.

With the recent Corona Virus hype and the advent of laboratory manipulated superbugs, it’s easy to overlook the importance of a strong immune system and the many natural ways you can boost it to stave off infections.


For centuries parents have been giving natural tonics and foods to their children to strengthen their immune system. Remember dosing up on rosehip syrup, or being given saffron threads in milk, olive oil extract, or that unforgettable teaspoon of halibut oil!

Regardless of your age you can always supercharge your immune system. The key is prevention – it’s better to give your body time to build a strong immune system well before flu season comes around.

Read on for some great ways to optimise organ health and build your energy and vital essence (chi, qi, prana and jing) to avoid infection.

Shrooms that keep you immune

12-mushroom-herbal-tonicVarious forms of medicinal fungi are among some of nature’s heavy hitters when it comes to supercharging your immunity. These include:

Reishi – known as the mushroom of immortality this has been a cherished as one of the most healing natural foods on the planet. It boosts blood and qi, clears phlegm and enhances lung qi too. Reishi is an adaptogenic meaning that helps your body adapt better to stress. It has also been used effectively in the treatment of cancer.

Chaga – is another fungi found on birch tree ‘wounds’ where it forms a symbiotic relationship with the tree, helping it to withstand invasion by growing over any exposed parts like a plug. Chaga reins supreme when it comes to powering up your immune system – in Traditional Chinese Medicine it is said to boost the ‘wei qi’  which loosely refers to the heightened immune state that forms a protective veil over our entire being. Chaga is also revered as a powerful antioxidant and adaptogen.

Other fungi worth mentioning include: Cordyceps for improved stamina, Shitake for longevity, Phellinus linteus for protection and Turkey Tail for microbiome (digestive tract) support.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

acupuntureAcupuncture is an ancient healing art that has endured to the present day because it works. It can be traced back to The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine from the Han Dynasty (206 BCE to 220 ACE), however, it may be even older. Acupuncture looks at relationships between organ systems and the corresponding areas of the body that those systems influence. By stimulating meridian points with stainless steel needles, acupuncture can balance the flow of energy, blood, nutrients, chemical and electrical communication within your body to optimise your health. When all of your organs are working at their peak, your immune system is naturally strong. Most acupuncture practitioners also work with Chinese herbal medicine to support and enhance its healing benefits.

Regular fasts and detoxes

There is now a large body of evidence describing the healing benefits of regular fasting and tissue detoxification. We’re not talking about long or radical fasting here but regular gaps of five hours or more between meals, as well as the odd day or two on detox juices or water. Even eating your evening meal early (no later than 5pm) and beginning your morning meal at least 12 hours after that, will put your body into a natural fasting state that will help clear out toxins and improve organ function.

Propolis Power

medicine-bee-propolis-for-immunityNative bee propolis from a good local source can help boost your immune system by helping kill off viruses. It is beneficial in alleviating Herpes simplex virus, candida conditions, colds and flus, parasite invasion and fertility problems relating to endometriosis.

Dosing up with superfoods high in vital nutrients

Look for superfoods that are rich sources of vitamin C, the fat soluble vitamins D, E and A, and the B group vitamins, especially B6. A healthy balance of trace minerals is also essential – particularly selenium, zinc and iron – as they perform very particular jobs to maintain health. Foods known to boost immunity include blueberries, bell peppers (vitamin C), ginger, turmeric, garlic, lemon myrtle and citrus fruit (especially drinking 1 glass of warm lemon or lime juice 30 minutes before breakfast).

Growing your own food in nutrient dense soil

To ensure your foods have all the essential nutrients your body needs you can grow you own. Feeding your soil with micronutrients will give you the healthiest plants and surprise surprise, those amazing micronutrients perform many of the same roles in maintaining plant health and human health – nature is an intelligent system!


Contact us for more information about how our practitioners can help you to boost your immune system. We also stock medicinal bee propolis and a therapeutic range of medicinal fungi tonics blended by resident Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Amy Rhodes (Dark Moon Alchemy).





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