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Jaime-Lee Hind on Zenthai Shiatsu and Belly Massage


Jaime-Lee Hind on Zenthai Shiatsu and Belly Massage

Zenthai Shiatsu therapist Jaime Hind began her bodywork journey in 1998 with a Diploma of Remedial Massage. Today she enjoys the sense of movement and full bodied connection that Zenthai offers to both practitioner and client. Her direct experience of three pregnancies, with natural births, informs her prenatal and postnatal care offering at Maple Street Acupuncture.

Zenthai Shiatsu is a uniquely fluid fusion of Thai massage, shiatsu and osteopathic techniques that works with fascia and acupressure points. It aims to address musculoskeletal and organ system imbalances via the subtle life force matrix known as our meridian system.

Jaime’s approach…

Jaime’s background in dance compliments the movement-based techniques of Zenthai, allowing her to bring greater dialogue to a client’s fascial system. This allows for increased awareness and a natural unwinding throughout the body. The fluency of Jaime’s approach is such that after a treatment clients often say they feel like they were in the water!

“Where separation and disconnection is a growing reality, this modality offers an antidote to our nervous system,” she explains.

“With sensitive body contact and a unique approach to moving and working with the body, Zenthai Shiatsu creates a feeling of being held that most people haven’t experienced since childhood.”



A large focus of Zenthai Shiatsu and Jaime’s work in particular, is on restoring the integrity of the hara (belly region).

“Our belly is often overlooked when considering having a massage, however this soft centre can be the core of our issues,” Jaime explains.

Our vulnerable sacred centre holds the tensions and stresses we move through our lives with. These strains pull on our fascia and ligaments and can affect our organs both in position and function.

Abdominal massage can:

  • aid digestion
  • help with indigestion issues such as bloating and constipation
  • support detoxification
  • increase blood flow to, and vitality of internal organs 
  • encourage healthy menstruation
  • relieve PMS and painful menstruation
  • reduce stress

Belly massage can also support change in our skeletal system. Our inside is intricately connected to our outside via fascia. Stress and toxins held in our organs can translate to tension held in our structure. To unwind deeply, from the inside out, belly massage is gold.


Belly Massage for Pregnancy


Belly massage can support improved digestion and elimination, strengthen and prepare reproductive organs for pregnancy, clear out fallopian tubes and womb from the residue of previous menstruation that can hinder conception, increase blood flow and vitality to organs, and so much more. When trying to conceive belly massage sessions should occur between menstruation and ovulation (not after ovulation).


Zenthai Shiatsu offers a rich support to any prenatal care plan. It includes mobilisation techniques that partially support your weight and gently explore fascial reach to increase range of motion, affected by an ever changing pregnant body. Reverent womb releases can help create welcome space for both bub and mama. Jaime also works with moxibustion therapy (see below) to bring nourishment and relaxation to the whole system.  


Zenthai Shiatsu offers a nourishing reprieve to a mama and the new demands on her postnatal body. Stretching and acupressure can relieve tensions and address fatigue. This can be combined with moxibustion – a powerful medicine for drawing-in and returning to self after the expansion of birth. Moxibustion also helps to tonify the uterus and pelvic ligaments.


As well as Zenthai Shiatsu Jaime offers belly-loving oil massages and nurturing mama swaddling.



Moxibustion therapy uses a lighted ‘cigar’ of mugwort herb to introduce heat to areas of pain and meridian points with the intention of stimulating circulation of blood and vital force (qi). It is a gentle, relaxing process that eases tension and tonifies areas of deficiency. Perfect for kidney and adrenal support as the we dip into the cooler months.



Where there is pain, there is usually stagnation. Chinese cupping supports movement of vital energy (qi), fluids and blood, reducing congestion and thereby the pain also. Cupping is a great option when feeling too fragile to be moved or massaged much and as an accompaniment to a full massage treatment.

A Zenthai Shiatsu session with Jaime may combine cupping, moxibustion and other therapeutic measures to support a client’s treatment. To make a booking with Jaime contact us here.

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