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Oil pulling to improve oral health

Oil pulling to improve oral health

Use oil pulling as natural dentistry to improve your oral health! Did you know that oil pulling is an old Ayurvedic practice dating back thousands of years!? It’s time to you on board the natural dental health train, if you haven’t already.

The reality is that poor dental health is linked to heaps of other dis-ease states, including most seriously heart disease. It’s time to take natural dentistry back into our hands and focus on your oral health. Think of your teeth as little trees, and your dental hygiene as the condition of the forest that they live in. If there’s lots of good nutrients going in from low acidity food, a breezy air flow, some sunshine, the roots grow healthy and strong in synergy with a healthy bacterial culture breaking down food and providing nutrients to the soil that is your gums (just like in your gut). The roots of those teethy trees are hooked into your body’s blood stream, carrying around & through your blood either these nutrients, or waste – that part depends on how your grow your trees and tend to your gum soil. 🙂

You can also see nutrient deficiencies in the teeth

This is sometimes as a first sign & symptom; decay, translucency, red gums, red lips etc.. As above so below. This is because when your body is low in vital nutrients it pulls them from your teeth. Just as a tree will drain nutrients from the leaves to keep the roots alive, the body does what it needs to do to maintain homeostasis. Do you prioritise your oral health in your health needs? Maybe you should..

Which oil?

When it comes to oil pulling, there are a few oils to pick from. Sesame, coconut and sunflower to name a few. How it works is by swishing oil in your mouth like a mouth wash, and the oils begin pulling toxins from the teeth and gums, drastically improving your oral health and even whitening your teeth. The fats in the oil help to dissolve the toxins living in your mouth that, if left unchecked, will begin to deteriorate your gums and teeth.  This is where the ‘pulling’ part of oil pulling comes from, this idea that the oil is in practice binding to plaque and pulling nasties from your mouth so that they are now in the oil, rather than your gums. Different oils have different actions against different bacteria, so depends what you’re after, but the general principle remains the same.

How to oil pull:

– Take a swig of the oil of your choice, I like sesame oil as it stays in liquid form all year round (coconut oil is also great, just a bit more squishing required to dissolve it in winter if you live in a colder climate).
– Swish the oil in your mouth for at least 5 minutes, the more the better; 20 minutes works miracles! You can just blend this into you morning routine and get a good swish going on as your move around your morning.
– Spit the oil out.
– Smile your shiny whites to pass the good vibes along.
– Add essentials oils with antomicrobial, antifungal and antiviral qualities to fine tune your oil-pulling for your health!


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