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The Body Clock

The Body Clock

Everything is in orbit, including our bodies.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there is concept that each organ holds a different energy, emotionally, not just functionally. Likewise, the years, seasons, and different times of the day also comprise different energies.

We are not separate from nature, but we can become out of balance.

To synchronise our bodies to the flow of the life force we need to optimise our lives to work with the cycles, not against them. To synch up with the meridian clock is to tap into the support of the universe, surfing her waves rather than paddling upstream. Of course we can chose to flow in our own way staying up late like the owls, and we won’t necessarily be unsuccessful in this. It just requires more energy, and accordingly to TCM will deplete vital force from the organs.

Organ O’Clock

3-5AM: Lungs | Grief | Autumn | Metal
Inhale, exhale, the lungs are all about letting go and inspiration. It is common to wake at this hour with thoughts of unprocessed pain. Soothe your nerves; conscious breathing.
DO: Sleep, meditate (said to be more powerful at this hour), cosy up to feel safe & warm
DON’T: Feed the mind

5-7AM: Large Intestine | Grief | Autumn | Metal
Time to start fresh & create flow, which means letting go of yesterday. Perfect time for a bowel motion, cleansing, bathing, and gently moving lymph to remove toxins.
DO: Chi practice, yoga, walk, drink lots of water (lemon water is best)
DON’T: Enter the digital world, talk about triggering topics with your partner in bed

7-9AM: Stomach | Worry | Summer | Earth
Time to get your energy up and set the pace of todays metabolism; what you put in now will decide how much you can absorb today; food wise, energy wise, information wise – it’s one an the same!
DO: Set intentions for the day, sit down and eat a large (biggest meal of the day) serving of cooked, warm foods such as sweet brown rice or porridge
DON’T: Skip breakfast, rush about, eat on the go, have cold, raw foods like salad or smoothie

9-11AM: Pancreas/ Spleen | Worry | Summer | Earth
These 2 are intimately connected in TCM, and also connected with the stomach. Now is the time for the body to digest & transform; one is ideally grounded, present, with energy levels beaming right now so transform the hardest tasks of the day into accomplishments and power through work. Now is a good time to sit down and resolve conflicts.
DO: Be in purpose, tackle the hard stuff physically & emotionally, eat breakfast if you didn’t have an appetite earlier.
DON’T: Lack purpose, be lazy

11-1 PM: Heart | Joy | Summer | Fire
Continue with purpose but slow down a little and shift into one’s passions rather than tedious tasks.
DO: Have a light/medium lunch. In warmer months now is the time for cold/raw foods such as smoothies
DON’T: Add heat through caffeine, intense exercise, stress (is there ever a good time for this? There sure are worse & more worse times)

1-3 PM: Small Intestine | Joy | Summer | Fire
Time to assimilate the day, exercise can help with this, but nothing too intense. Just continue with one’s daily tasks with less force and more flow, bringing the work to a close. If you haven’t had enough water you will begin to become dehydrated and tired.
DO: Eat a light/medium lunch if you didn’t early (before 2PM ideally), gentle exercise like walking, get hydrated!
DON’T: Eat a huge meal, have caffeine

3-5 PM: Bladder | Fear | Winter | Water
The bladder is now clearing today’s metabolic waste, making it Brain o’clock; mental clarity. Write down your thoughts, dream, plan, discover. If you haven’t eaten wisely & drunk enough enough in the day, you will feel slumped, foggy, tired and crave ‘instant energy’.
DO: Snack on salty foods; miso paste on toast or miso soup, bone/veggie broth soup, get hydrated!
DON’T: Try to ‘create’ energy with caffeine and refined sugar

5-7 PM: Kidney | Fear | Winter | Water
Now comes filtration, balance, and blood chi. Activate your circulation with stretching, dancing, massage & passion (yep – time to get intimate with yourself to boost kidney chi and tonify your reproductive health)
DO: Intimacy, love making, dancing, healthy salty flavours
DON’T: Large meal (smallest meal of the day!)

7-9 PM: Pericardium / Heart | Joy | Summer | Fire
This is the membrane enclosing the heart. Time to vibe, connect and be social with the tribe that holds you. Continue with the evening’s love making (a good time to conceive).
DO: Connect, gentleness, wind down, cuddles, reading, play, music, gentle yoga
DON’T: Intense exercise, feed feelings of loneliness

9-11 PM: San Jiao (Triple Burner) | Joy | Summer | Fire
This refers to the endocrine system and its all about conserving & replenishing; the body is cooling down so don’t heat it back up. Be in bed by 10pm ideally.
DO: Sleep, meditate if you can’t sleep
DON’T:  Enter the digital world, eat, talk about triggering topics with your partner in bed

11-1 AM: Gall Bladder | Anger | Spring | Wood
The body is busy cleansing tissue, best to be asleep if you want to wake feeling refreshed. The gall bladder digests fats physically, which is awesome brain food; deplete your gall bladder and witness yourself making poor choices.
DO: Sleep, meditate if you can’t sleep
DON’T: Enter the digital world, eat

1-3 AM: Liver | Anger | Spring | Wood
The body is busy cleansing blood, best to be asleep now. This is a common time for people with blood sugar dysregulation to wake up when blood sugar levels drop to their lowest, or unprocessed rage to bubble up.
DO: Sleep, meditate if you can’t sleep
DON’T: Feed your mind, attach to anger

Recurring symptoms at particular times of day can help to reveal organ imbalances, which manifest as dis-ease.

Stay balanced.


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