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The Life of a Woman’s Egg

The Life of a Woman’s Egg

Did you know a woman’s egg is the largest cell in a her body!? The crown jewel.
It can be seen without a microscope, similar to a grain of sand or a strand of hair, and is 16x or so bigger than sperm. Pow; take that! 
Here are a few more interesting facts about the the female egg which makes you go “Woo women are kind of amazing, and mysterious!”

Congratulations, it’s an it!
The egg is an X chromosome neither male nor female, just potential waiting for its partner sperm, being either X or Y, to chose the gender.

The egg is no passive player in life, it is selective

As in it chooses the sperm to some extent. Isn’t that kind of cool? An egg appears to give preference to sperm with stronger DNA, and it is suggested that the egg might even (consciously?) trap sperm in its surface.
The egg is patient, ready, waiting..
About 150 days before ovulation the egg begins its maturation process, it can remain suspended in maturity for years! About 12 egg buddies are all geared up to go when the hormones signal release at ovulation, and it’s common that more than 1 will set off down the tube.

Eggs making eggs!

At only 9 weeks of conception a fertilised female egg is already making eggs! Doesn’t this bring a fresh perspective to intergenerational inheritance, and the impact of a mother’s mind & body unto not just her child, but her child’s child (in the case of daughters). Be mindful.

Finite, or cosmic..?

For a long time it was thought that all of a woman’s immature eggs were made as a foetus, approximately 7 million at 5 months of age, most of those dead by birth, and continuing to decline as life progresses, only releasing around 400 in a woman’s life. Tick Tock. However research now suggests that eggs are being made throughout life, via stem cells. This makes eggs similar to sperm; responding to life on the go.

Also wow doesn’t that egg look fine! Kind of like one of those laser plasma globes. 🙂 
Look after your eggs ladies, for they are super sacred and switched on.<3
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